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We are getting extremely close to the actual release of the aquatic update for all platforms which include the PE (pocket edition), Windows 10 edition, PS3 edition, ps4 edition, ps-vita edition, xbox one edition, xbox 360 edition, Wii U edition, switch edition & 3DS edition

May falls in Q2.. Could this be the month? “The Update Aquatic is the name for Java Edition version 1.13 and Bedrock Edition version 1.4. Some of the Update Aquatic features were added to the Bedrock Edition starting from 1.2.13. All of these updates have been, or are set to be released in Q2 2018”

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New blocks:
Trapdoors, pressure plates, and buttons for the other 5 types of wood besides oak
10 types of coral, 5 types of coral plants, and 5 types of coral fans
Dried kelp block
Sea grass
Turtle eggs
Stripped logs
Bubble columns, created by magma blocks or soul sand in water
Prismarine stairs and slabs
New items:
Turtle shell
Dried kelp
Potion of the Turtle Master
Arrow of the Turtle Master
Debug stick [Java Edition only]
Buried treasure explorer map
Spawn eggs for turtles, phantoms, cod, salmon, puffer fish, tropical fish, and drowned
Fish buckets: cod, salmon, puffer fish, and tropical fish
New enchantments: Loyalty, Impaling, Riptide, and Channeling
New mobs:
Dolphin, a new oceanic mob that can leap in and out of water, and lead the player to treasure found in shipwrecks
Fish mobs:
Cod, salmon, puffer fish, and 3072 types of tropical fish
New generated structures:
Icebergs, which generate in frozen ocean biomes
Underwater ruins
Buried treasures
Underwater caves and ravines

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