Fish city is a magical & mystical kingdom made up from some of the most beautiful tropical waters from around the world, full of magnificent fish like Giant catfish, arowana Red tail catfish, pacu, alligator gar, Sting ray & a load more unusual species housed in giant monster aquariums & tropical ponds with huge windows & waterfalls surrounded by tropical plants and landscaped to match the continent in which the fish come from. When you follow the magic path through tunnels made of more fish tanks you come out in a different part of the world like Egypt with pyramid shaped inverted aquariums sticking out of ponds with smoke on the water giving the effect of pyramids full of fish floating on clouds with more fish underneath. A place where you can sit and have an hour of complete relaxation getting lost in an aquatic Heaven. It is a magical experience for the old and the young alike a place you can spend a day free & still come back for more. Fish city will also have an aquatic store housing hundreds of live stock tanks aswell as a huge selection of new aquariums and all you need for all abillitys of fish keeping. At this moment it only exists in my head so if you can help please follow the link
many thanks



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