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Travel Vlog – Drive Through Wildlife Safari Park in Winston, Oregon

First travel vlog. Wildlife Safari in Oregon. What a fun experience for the whole family. We get to feed the giraffe, drive...

African Wild Dogs Jump, Drink, And Play In A Muddy Puddle Of Water

Official Merchandise Store: https://teespring.com/stores/robtheranger The African Wild Dog Pack play around in a puddle at the side of the road. Filmed in the...

Dancing Line – The Discovery (The Maze 2 – Fanmade by Mandroid)

Huge thanks to Mandroid for making this awesome level and ChronosAeon for the beautiful soundtrack. 👉Link to Discord server (for download): https://discord.gg/WxNWskB 👉Follow Mandroid's YT https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqleZWmaQVhNxwENciJPO3Q 👉Follow...

Clarion River at Cook Forest State Park Live Camera

A live video overlooking the Clarion River at the Pale Whale Canoe Fleet in Cook Forest State Park. See the weather, river conditions,...

Extreme Eagle Hunting Deer and Goat

Eagle Hunting Deer and Goat Pick up and Flying Over source

What Is The Zip Line?

Map predator zip line at out of africa. A zip line consists of a pulley suspended on cable, usually made stainless steel, mounted slope....

Ostrich at Natural wildlife ranch

Crazy animal that pecked at our window source

Epic Trip to Africa | South Africa / Tansania | Magic Moments

What an amazing trip. We went from Frankfurt, Germany to Port Elisabeth in South Africa, took a rental and the road all the way...

we went to wildlife ranch

Tip: don't fuck with ostriches Song: beach weather- sex, drugs and ect.. source

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