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FISH 3D- A Nice Game


Android Play:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.snaildada.vr.seaworld
The fish 3D will show you the glamorous tropical aquarium world that will take you deep into the sea world and swim with the sea creatures in the coral.
The fish 3D shows you a dazzling marine aquarium world. The game includes a variety of marine fish, including sharks, batfish, lantern fish, electric oysters, turtles, blowfish, swordfish, tuna, etc., as well as a wide range of tropical fish. You can feed fish by tapping on the screen of your mobile phone. You can follow the fish to swim freely on the bottom of the water by sliding the screen. You can also collect the shells. You can unlock more underwater scenery by accumulating enough shells. The gorgeous marine plants, tall seagrasses, thousands of corals, various tropical fish, and leisurely sea turtles create a beautiful marine ecological landscape. In addition, you can also enter racing mode, choose your favorite character and start a competitive contest with other aquarists.
This application is divided into VR mode, normal mode and racing mode. In VR mode, you can use VR glasses and handles to experience the immersive feeling. If you do not have VR glasses, you can play normally in non-VR mode. In racing mode, you can choose from a variety of fish characters and other aquarium races to see who reaches the finish line first.
What are you waiting for? Come try it!
How to play:
VR mode:
1) Press the “O” button to feed the fish
2) Press “X” to follow the fish
Normal mode:
1) Click on the screen to feed the fish
2) Swipe to the left to follow the fish and swim together
3) Swipe right to collect shells
Racing mode:
Control character orientation and acceleration with virtual buttons.
Application features:
1) Experience the beauty of the tropical ocean
2) Feeding tropical fish
3) Collect shells and give you a more beautiful ocean
4) Race with various marine fish




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