1,705 ac FOR SALE ~~~~ The Stephen Family Ranch is 1,705+/- acres of rugged, recreational land with exceptional fencing. This acreage has been owned and operated by the Stephen Family for over 90 years. Native grasses throughout the property provide outstanding grazing and an ideal habitat for the local quail and wildlife. Approximately 60% of the ranch burned in the 2011 fires; this portion is booming with native grasses and the owners’ left the standing woods for wildlife cover. The remaining land is centrally located on the ranch with thick, mature trees and ample browse for the abundant white-tail deer in the area. The entire ranch has been fenced and cross-fenced over the past 10 years. These fences were built to last a lifetime with close T-posts, enough wires to keep the calves in, and cedar staves to add to the durability. The cattle operation has been set up with thought and has created the ability to run cattle efficiently.

Two miles of Walnut Creek meanders through the ranch and provides towering oaks and elms for ideal turkey roosts. Walnut Creek runs seasonally and creates pools of water along the eastern portion of the ranch. The far northwest pasture is the Mountain Pasture, which peaks at 1,460 feet above sea level. The Mountain Pasture is 320 acres with over 280 feet of elevation change provided by the Palo Pinto Mountain Range. These mountains provide views all the way into Erath County! The mountain flattens out at the top and could be utilized as a build-site with spectacular scenery. The Stephen Family Ranch has a grand total of over 390 feet of dramatic elevation changes from mountaintops to creek bottoms.

This area has been produced for oil and gas for many decades; several of the wells in the field have been shut-in with others still actively producing. A gas gathering plant is located on the property and the oil and gas company provides over 4 miles of caliche road through the middle of the ranch. This “Main Road” creates all-weather access that splits off into smaller trails and continues all the way to the top of the mountain. The owners are believed to own 50% of the minerals and 100% of the executive leasing rights. These income producing minerals are negotiable with an acceptable contract. Offered at $2650/ac. Broker: Boone Campbell (940)282-5500



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