Located across the wide Napa from the Yasuni National Park, La Selva Jungle Lodge is an award-winning Amazon lodge that was completely rebuilt in 2012. La Selva Jungle Lodge offers high-quality service and superb facilities.

Each group that arrives at the lodge has their own naturalist guide as well as a local guide, both of whom serve as your own private guides during your entire stay! Activities include walks in the rain forest, canoeing on the lagoon, a visit to the butterfly farm and the opportunity to climb up the observation tower.

The bird life in the surrounding forest is bountiful and even from the comfort of your cabin you see a wide variety of birds. When out on the lagoon, or walking through the jungle, you are likely to see several species of monkeys including Capuchin, howlers and squirrel monkeys.

Learn more: http://www.galapagosunbound.com



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