Our deer feeding camera is located in West Texas on a wildlife trail in the center of our ranch and is online and running 24 hours a day.

Currently, the wildlife we being seen is mostly rabbits, and deer with the occasional skunk, grey fox, and pack rats.

The larger the video stream becomes the more food will be going to the animals. I will set milestones on the stream to add new features such as lighting at night, more salt licks, and mineral licks. Further, in the future, I will add a pond which will bring in many more animals.

We clip any good footage and post videos in our playlists which can be found here.


Current milestones:

100 subscribers: Additional food supplies for the deer will be added.
200 subscribers: 24 hours close up Bird Camera.
1000 subscribers: Predator Camera in a different place.
5000 subscribers: Pond.
10000 subscribers: Shelter.

Visit our facebook page and like it here.


Also our instagram will start to have updated pictures from our high quality trail cameras soon.


The wildlife on our land are not hunted and are protected while on our property. Though we support the right to hunt we ask that you not discuss it in the chat along with any other topics that will cause conflict.



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