Colder Temperatures Return to Central, Eastern U.S. as February Begins
GFS Models :
Skiing in Scotland – watch Brits ski waist-deep in snow in conditions as good as the Alps
Latest snow report for the Alps :
Livestock farmers struggle with unpredictable weather
What gardeners should take away from this winter’s extended cold snap
River Seine continues to rise after record rainfall
Deadly mudflows threaten residents near erupting Philippine volcano
Earthquake ROCKS Panama – ‘very strong’ shaking in capital city


Observing The Frontier 2018 Conference
Geomagnetic Score and Human Health
The Impact of Ionospheric and Geomagnetic Changes on Mortality from Diseases of the Circulatory System
The Radical Gardener:
Ice Age 2050:
Revolution Radio – – Studios A
Mini Ice-Age Conversations Thursday Feb 1st 10pm-12am e.s.t.
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