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Important note from Parrot Post:

Bringing a parrot into your family is a lifetime commitment, similar to having a human child. Far too many parrots are abused, given away, or abandoned not long after they are purchased, by people who haven’t done their research and aren’t prepared for all the work it really takes to live with a bird. Many people buy these birds on a whim just because they’ve seen other birds who look cute – but every bird has his/her own individual personality, just like humans do!!

Living with and caring for a parrot takes a TON of work. Constant noise, cleaning, giving up on having nights out or vacations, spending a lot of money on quality food, toys, vet bills… it will be like having a toddler for the next 20-80 years or more. A toddler who may not act cute all the time and who may bite you hard, destroy your things, and drive you crazy – are you ready for that, and would you still be capable of forgiving and loving them no matter what, day after day for the rest of his/her life?

RESEARCH and volunteer at a parrot rescue or sanctuary so you can get to know actual parrots first hand before considering adopting one. DON’T BUY. Do NOT support the pet industry which breeds and sells animals for profit and which keeps this cycle of cruelty going toward these intelligent, beautiful beings.

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