This is a compilation video covering several radio tracking days of the Rat snake tracks rat snake radio telemetry movement study taking place at the Trails Carolina science and nature center in the mountains of Western North Carolina. In this video follow Steve and his students as they track and locate the Rat snake known as “Master Splinter” over the months of March, April, and May 2015. Learn as they collect data and discuss the movements, biology and activities of this old Rat snake.

In this video you will also see the second attempt to get a better view of the snake’s tree canopy habitat using our recently donated UAV/Drone quad-copter known as “Quetzalcoatlus.”

If you were a Trails student and assisted Steve on a radio tracking expedition during the spring of 2015, you can find your tracking day on the index at the beginning of the video and jump forward if you wish or, to maximize your learning opportunity, watch the entire film and learn as we learn.

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