Deep in the Peruvian rain forest, San Diego Zoo Global researchers are getting a first-ever, up-close look at one of the Amazon’s top predators. A high-definition, 24-hour camera installed in the canopy is documenting a harpy eagle nest, allowing scientists to observe a pair of birds after the recent hatching of their chick. While previous observations of this apex predator species have been limited to small samples of data collected from the ground, this new perspective aims to evaluate the birds’ diet and breeding behaviors from the upper reaches of the Amazon.


HarpyCam footage by Rainforest Expeditions/San Diego Zoo Global

Rainforest Expeditions is an ecotourism company with science at its core. In 1989, the company built its first lodge, Tambopata Research Center, in order to have a base for researching the macaw population at the Colorado clay-lick. Twenty-eight years later, Rainforest Expeditions continues supporting research and conservation of the rarest species of this imperiled ecosystem. Rainforest Expeditions has three lodges in Tambopata, Peru, and the largest number of excursion offerings in the Amazon. For more information visit

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