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Black mambas, when not hungry or agitated, are very curious animals, always keeping a keen eye on their surroundings. It is not uncommon for a non hungry mamba to move into close proximity of a potential prey animal, like the bird’s nest with chicks in this video. The snake investigates with extrema curiosity. The young birds are quit unaware of the danger, hence, they act with excitement, expecting food from the deadly snake.

The parent bird on the other hand understand the true danger their chicks are facing and therefore they attack and fend off the deadly intruder. The Black Mamba moves on after its curiosity has been satisfied, and it might remember this available food source and return when hungry.

In general, black mambas feed mostly on smaller warm blooded mammals, such as rats, mice, hyraxes and even bush babies. Mambas are agile enough to ambush and catch birds and bats out of the air and do so frequently in trees or near water holes. Mambas do feed occasionally on other reptiles, such as lizards and venomous snakes, including puff adders and cobras. After ingestion, powerful acids digest the prey, sometimes within eight to 12 hours depending on its surrounding temperature. Black Mamba stalking birds was filmed by Heiko Kiera aka Ojatro in 2009.



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