Kolathur is also known for the largest export of colorful tropical fish, aquarium fish feed, aquariums, glass and stone aquarium gravel. Pet animals other than fish are also available in Aquarium Street, They include Love Birds, Hamsters, pigeons, hens etc. Kolathur was once a hub for fish breeding too,now due to the high ground rates fish farms are converted into residential houses and flats and the farms and ponds are transferred to Gummudipondi. It was Mr. Ashok who was instrumental in breeding ornamental fishes, as he started imparting his knowledge to his friends who started fish breeding farms. Then a few enterprising people started breeding varieties of fishes in the 1980s in the sprawling backyards of their homes. The main reason was that the area was endowed with abundant fresh ground water sources and there was the perennial ‘Retteri’ lake. Moreover, as ornamental fishes breed in different types of water and the water available at Kolathur has a balanced pH (Potential Hydrogen) value of 6 to 7.8, the business thrived. At present, there are around 80 shops dealing in ornamental fishes, aquariums and fish accessories spread out on School Road and Mada Streets in Kolathur.



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