How to attract exotic birds to your garden ?

Other foods to consider if you want to attract a range of birds to your garden include:

Mealworms Robins love them, as do blue and great tits, especially when they have hungry chicks to feed at this time of year. Mealworms are also enjoyed by another exotic garden visitor, the jay.

Peanuts The old favourite still works, especially for the siskin – a small finch with a green, yellow and black plumage. Great spotted woodpeckers are also fond of peanuts, and are an increasingly frequent visitor to garden birdfeeders.

Fat balls Packed with energy, these are especially popular with another small bird doing well in gardens, the long-tailed tit. In winter they may also attract blackcaps.

Berries Berry bushes will attract fieldfares and redwings in the late autumn and winter.



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