The Cango Wildlife Ranch is one of only four facilities on the continent of Africa to have obtained accreditation from the African Association of Zoological Gardens and Aquaria (PAAZA). PAAZA is an internationally recognized organization with an accreditation standard recognized by the World Association of Zoos and Aquaria (WAZA) of which we are also members. The Cango Wildlife Ranch was awarded this prestigious accreditation in December 2003 and again in October 2009 when the Ranch underwent its five-yearly review of evaluation according to PAAZA’s high standards.

The PAAZA accreditation process encourages an institution to make incredible efforts to upgrade its facilities to the highest levels for the benefit of both its visitors as well as its animals. Our accreditation served as recognition of our conservation ethos, our high level of animal care as well as our exceptional facilities for our visitors with evaluations on animal husbandry, animal collections, safety and security, conservation education, research, staff and ethics being the other guidelines for the accreditation.



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