Abyssinian cat breed

Helmi Flick, Animal Photography

The Aby is not the type of cat who will sit in your lap all day. This breed is usually on the go.

Abyssinian is thought to be one of the oldest cat breeds. Although he has the look of a
wild cat, he is domestic through and through and tends to be happy and playful. Learn more about this generally confident
cat and whether he might be the right
cat breed for you.

They don’t tend to be lap cats.

The generally
athletic Aby, as he’s affectionately nicknamed, seems to stay in
constant motion, jumping, climbing and exploring.

They’re generally trainable.

The typically intelligent Abyssinian can excel at
learning tricks — and he can excel at training you to do what he wants, too. To keep him entertained, give him puzzle toys that release treats, use a
clicker to teach him tricks and train him to run an
agility course.

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They tend to enjoy people.

The Aby is often a social
cat. He tends to do well with someone who spends ample time at home, including older children, especially if that person is willing to train him and play with him.

They’re often curious.

Don’t be surprised to find the Aby climbing to
high places and exploring every nook and cranny of your home. He may also decide to supervise what you’re doing.

They can be goofy.

Some people call the
Abyssinian the “Aby-silly-an,” and for
good reason. Abys tend to like to be in the thick of things and have been known to lounge in filled bathtubs, pull each other’s tails and steal clothing.

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